Spoken Word & Documentary
Title and Description Price
(STEAM) A.4 Pacific 60007 Sir.Nigel Gresley- 23.3.59/Kings Cross to Doncaster and return. (DA21) £10
(STEAM) ARGO MOBILE FIDELITY- Sunday only-Famous locomotives of the Burlington route USA. (DA.24) £12
(STEAM) ARGO MOBILE FIDELITY-Steam railroading under thundering skies. (DA.25) £12
(STEAM) ARGO MOBILE FIDELITY-Whistling thru' Dixie (DA.23) £12
(STEAM) ARGO TRANSACORD - Grantham 1957-Class A3/A4-V2 ex LNER. (eaf.86) £10
(STEAM) ARGO TRANSACORD - Newfoundland heads the Waverley. (DA.13) £12
(STEAM) ARGO TRANSACORD - Trains to remember (DA.48) £10
(STEAM) ARGO TRANSACORD-Bulleid Pacifics/Merchant Navy-West Country. (eaf.87) £10
(STEAM) ARGO TRANSACORD-Castles and Kings (SPA.557) £7.5
(STEAM) ARGO TRANSACORD-Castles in the Chilterns-Princes Risboro/Saunderton/Paddington. (eaf.84) £10
(STEAM) ARGO TRANSACORD-Granges & Manors on the Cambrian Line (eaf.81) £10
(STEAM) ARGO TRANSACORD-N7 on The Jazz/Suburban services from Liverpool Street-Eastern Region. (eaf.34) £10
(STEAM) ARGO TRANSACORD-On the Aberdeen flyer-Kings Cross to Edinburgh. (eaf.59) £10
(STEAM) ARGO TRANSACORD-On the footplate of a king 4-6-0/Western Region Paddington-Birmingham. (eaf.75) £10
(STEAM) ARGO TRANSACORD-Pacific power-The Flying Scotsman/Princess E/Brittania Class/Bullied. (eaf.77) £10
(STEAM) ARGO TRANSACORD-South Eastern steam (eaf.35) £10
(STEAM) ARGO TRANSACORD-South Western steam-SR locos at Wadebridge-Templecombe-Lyme Regis Branch. (eaf.43) £10
(STEAM) ARGO TRANSACORD-Stanier Pacifics (eaf.88) £10
(STEAM) ARGO TRANSACORD-Steam traction engines. (Bridge Farm Appleford,Berkshire) (eaf.38) £10
(STEAM) ARGO TRANSACORD-The 'Southern Schools' (eaf.76) £10
(STEAM) ARGO TRANSACORD-The 11.15 for Torpantau (Brecon -Merthyr line)(eaf.72) £10
(STEAM) ARGO TRANSACORD-The Brittanias & The Clans-At Abergavenny Junction/Beattock. (eaf.132) £10
(STEAM) ARGO TRANSACORD-The Somerset & Dorset. Recording made between Bath and Evercreech Junction-August & November 1956. (DA8) £10
(STEAM) ARGO TRANSACORD-The world of railways/Changing trains (Steam-Diesel at work on BR between 1957-66/High Speed train on test run in 1975) (SPA.438) £7.5
(STEAM) GHOST TRAIN-A sound panorama highlighting the final days of steam railroading,(Grand Trunk Western/Norfolk & Western/Nickel Plate Road/Union Pacific/Reading Co (MF/0-USA) £20
(STEAM) GWR ENGINES AT WORK-Gone with regret (Engines at work over former GWR lines) (RMPL.1006) £10
(STEAM) RAILROAD-A farewell to steam-Steamers last run. (VA.160143) £12
(STEAM) SOUNDS OF THE COUNTRYSIDE-Threshing & cultivating by steam power. (Burrell 3106 & Fowler 4384)(Abbey 607) £10
(STEAM)RAILWAYS IN ASPIC(Preserved railways as chronicled by the BBC-With spoken commentary-Also features the Bluebell Railway) (REB.49M) £10
A HUMBER BRIDGE CELEBRATION-"Up and over"/Introduction by John Alderton (FMR.035/Pic bag 45rpm) £10
A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM (Frank Duncan-Ian McKellen-Prunella Scales-Trevor Nunn) (ZPR.132/4-3LP set) £15
A.PUSHKIN- The snow storm (Read in Russian by A.Swartz) (TY35/10" Melodiya) £15
ALEXANDER POPE-The rape of the lock (With: George Rylands/Peggy Ashcroft/Prunella Scales)(RG.373) £12
ANDRE PREVIN-In rehearsal-An American in Paris-Plus other pieces. (SEOM.14) £10
ANTHONY HOPKINS - Distant star/Ordinary man (AA5/pic bag 45rpm) £8
ANTHONY QUINN-I love you/Sometimes (CLF.5930/pic bag single) £10
ANTONY & CLEOPATRA (William Shakespeare)(Anthony Quayle/Pamela Brown/Paul Daneman)(SRS-M235/3LP box) £15
ANTONY HOPKINS/NOT the actor)-Talking about Rachmaninov Piano Concert No.2(JEP.OC13/Pic bag ep) £10
BECKET-(Soundtrack/Dialogue highlights)(Peter O'Toole-Richard Burton )(LOC.1091-USA Gatefold) £35
BEOWULF-Translated by Kevin Crossley-Holland (With: Frank Duncan/George Rylands/Prunella Scales) (ZPL.1057) £12
CALUM KENNEDY-Gaelic songs (SEP.100/pic bag ep) £10
CHAUCER-The Canterbury Tales The Prologue-Read in Middle English by Nevill Coghill & others) (PLP.1001) £10
CHEKHOV-The seagull (Russian language) (Moscow Arts Theatre)(032679/3LP box) £20
COTSWOLD CHARACTERS-Volume 2 (Inc: George & Doras Juggins) (SDL.267) £12
EDITH EVANS & FRIENDS-William Shakespeare/Christopher Fry/John Betjeman/Lewis Carroll (Recorded live at Richmond Theatre November 1973) (LRL1.5037) £15
FRANCIS X.BUSHMAN-Hollywood's first star talks about his life and times (Mark 56-708) £20
FRANK MUIR-What a mess! (Reading from his book) (GDE.12/Pic bag ep) £12
FREDDIE GRISEWOOD-Dear Freddy/Looks back after 80 years (REB.20M) £10
GERMAN POETRY-Read by: Vilma Degischer (13th.Century-1956) (RG.197) £10
GERMAN PROSE-Spoken by: Vilma Degischer & Heinrich Schnitzler (Martin Luther-Von Goethe-Schiller-Beethoven-Schopenhauer-Heine (RG.299) £10
GIVE YOURSELF A STEREO CHECKOUT-Commentary by Jack de Manio (SKL.486-Decca Wideband label) £15
GRACIE FIELDS-"Our Gracie"-Introduced by Stanley Holloway.Her life in her own words and songs from the BBC archives. (REGL.380) £12
GULLIVER (Sir.John Gielgud-Narrator)(RPO/Music composed & conducted by Patrick Williams) £15
GULLIVER'S TRAVELS (Jonathan Swift) (The voyage to Laputa/The Houyhnhnms)(Read by Michael Redgrave) (TC.1099) £12
HAMLET & HENRY V (William Walton)(Music & dialogue) Laurence Olivier)(SB.4104) £20
HAMLET-The Old Vic Company 1979 season (Derek Jacobi/Timothy West/Barbara Jefford) (D158D3/3LP boxed set) £15
HENRY 1V-Part 1 (Corin Redgrave-Frank Duncan-Paul Scofield) (ZPR.149/52-4LP set) £20
HERMAN MELVILLE-MOBY DICK (Read by: Charlton Heston/Keir Dullea/George Rose) (TC.2077/2LP gatefold) £25
JEAN CRAIGHEAD GEORGE - Julie of the wolves (Read by Irene Worth) (TC.1534) £15
JOHN BETJEMAN-Reads selected poems (A Lincolnshire church/Diary of a church mouse/In a Bath teashop et al) (PLP.1067) £10
JOHN MILTON-PARADISE LOST (Tony Church-Michael Redgrave-Prunella Scales et al) (RG.464) £10
JOHN POPE PAUL 11-Historic visit to Ireland 1979 (IRL.1979) £10
JOHN POPE PAUL 11-The visit to Britain 1982 (BBC actuality recording introduced by Gerald Priestland (REB.445) £10
JOHN SMITH- (Of the Poetry Society)Introduces HMV's 'Pattern of poetry LPs') (FLEX.106/HMV sample 45rpm-plain sleeve) £10
JULES VERNE-20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA (Read by James Mason-Starred as Capt.Nemo in the film of the book) (Caedmon label) £25
JUPITER ANTHOLOGY OF 20TH.CENTURY ENGLISH VERSE-(Read by:Jill Balcon/Christopher Hassall/Carleton Hobbs/C.Day Lewis/Stephen Murray/Edith Sitwell (reading her own poems)/John Glen/V.C.Clinton-Baddeley) (JUR.00A1) £15
KAHLIL GIBRAN-The Prophet-A musical interpretation read by Richard Harris) (K.50109-Gatefold) £20
KING LEAR (William Shakespeare)(Paul Scofield/Rachel Roberts/Pamela Brown/Cyril Cusack/Robert Stephens)(SRS.233/4LP box) £20
KING RICHARD 111 (Robert Stephens/Peggy Ashcroft/Cyril Cusack/Ian Holm/Jeremy Brett/Glenda Jackson/Nigel Davenport (SRS.223/4LP box) £25
KURT WEILL/BERTOLD BRECHT-The seven deadly sins (City of Birminghham SO/Rattle-With:Elise Ross/Anthony Rolfe-Johnson et al)(1C.067-07-198/Gatefold) £12
LATER THAN LOUGHARNE-Poetry by: Bryan Walters & Aeronwy Thomas Ellis (ZSW.578) £8.5
LAURIE LEE Reads from 'Cider with Rosie' (ZSW.933/5-3LP set) £20
LORD MOUNTBATTEN-The life and times of-Based on the MTV series by John Terraine (LM101-3LP boxed set) £25
MOLIERE-La Malade Imaginaire-French language. (Cassan/Daumier/Pacome) (320E.856/8-3LP box-With complete text) £20
MOLIERE-Le Misanthrope/French language. (Riva/Mauban/Virlojeux) (320E.911/12-2LP box with complete text) £15
MURDER IN THE CATHEDRAL - T.S.Eliot (Richard Pasco/Alan Howard/Norman Rodway/Tony Church) (ZSW.553/4-2LP gatefold) £15
NOEL COWARD'S THEATRE (Interview by Walter Harris) (ECS.2135) £20
NORMAN SHELLEY-Now we are six (A.A.Milne) (ZSW.569) £15
OTHELLO-Highlights from National Theatre production. (Laurence Olivier) (SB.6669) £15
PARADISE LOST-John Milton (Michael Redgrave/Prunella cales/Tony Church/Richard Johnson/Michael Hordern (RG.464) £10
PEGGY ASHCROFT & JOHN GIELGUD - The world of (SPA.573) £7.5
PEOPLE PAST AND PRESENT - Jane Austen (With: Dorothy Reynolds Angus Mackay) (ZPL.1168) £10
PEOPLE PAST AND PRESENT - Mary Queen of Scots (With:Vivien Merchant-Olive Gregg-John Westbrook) (ZPL.1161) £10
PEOPLE PAST AND PRESENT-Ellen Terry (A reminiscence with Sybil Thorndike) (ZPL.1157) £10
PETER AND THE WOLF - Prokofiev (Narrated by Eric Porter-Of 'The Forsyte saga') (Igor Markevitch/Orchestre de Paris) (TWO.259) £15
PETER USTINOV -The Grand Prix of Gibraltar (MPF.4507) £15
PETER USTINOV-THE MANY VOICES OF (With: Cliff Michelmore/Lenneth Allsop/Derek Hart) (REC.248) £12
RACINE-Brittanicus (French language) (Casares/Versini/Deschamps) (320E.881/3-3LP box with complete text) £20
RHYTHMS OF POETRY (Read and sung by Frances Horowitz-Patrick Garland & Emma Kirkby)(A306-OU21/with integral book) £10
RICHARD HARRIS-In the membership of my days-Poems & songs by Richard Harris and family (ABCL.5056-Gatefold) £20
ROBERT BROWNING-Read by JAMES MASON (My last Duchess and other poems) (TC.1201) £20
ROBERT BROWNING-The poetry of...Read by James Mason) (TC.1048) £12
ROBERT BURNS-The songs of-Sung by Robin Hall (Bi-Centenary 1759/1959) (JES3/Pic bag ep) £10
ROYAL MILITARY SPECTACULAR - Featuring the Battle of Waterloo-Duke of Wellington narration by Lord Bernard Miles-Music composed & conducted by Laurie Johnson. Side 2: Features original compositions: 3 paintings by Lautrec/Royal Tour suite (DKM.6022/Gatefold) £20

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