– Part 1
A1 a – No.1 Chorus : Come, Ye Daughters, Share My Mourning
A1 b – No.2 Recitative: When Jesus Had Completed All These Sayings
A1 c – No.3 Chorale : O Blessed Jesu, How Hast Thou Offended
A1 d – No.4 Recitative : At That Time There Assembled The Chief Priests
A1 e – No.5 Chorus : Not Upon The Feast
A1 f – No.6 Recitative : Now When Jesus Was In Bethany
A1 g – No.7 Chorus : To What Purpose Is This Waste
A1 h – No.8 Recitative : When Jesus Undersrood It
A1 i – No.9 Recitative : My Master And My Lord
A1 j – No.10 Contralto Aria : Grief For Sin
A1 k – No.11 Recitative : Then Went One Of The Disciples
A1 l – No.12 Soprano Aria : Break In Grief
B1 a – No.13 Recitative: Now On The First Day Of The Unleavened Bread
B1 b – No.14 Chorus : Wher, Where Wilt Thou
B1 c – No.15 Recitative With Chorus : He Said, Go To One In The City Yonder
B1 d – No.16 Chorale : ‘ Tis I, Whose Sins Have Bound Thee
B1 e – No.17 Recitative : He Answered Them And Said
B1 f – No.18 Recitative : Although Our Eyes With Tears O’erflow
B1 g – No.19 Soprano Aria : Jesus, Saviour, I Am Thine
B1 h – No.20 Recitative : After They Had Sung A Hymn Together
B1 i – No.21 Chorale : Receive Me, My Redeemer
B1 j – No.22 Recitative : Simon Peter Made Answer
B1 k – No.23 Chorale : Here Would I Stand Beside Thee
B1 l – No.24 Recitative : Then Came Jesus With Them
B1 m – No.25 Tenor Solo With Chorus : O Grief! How Throbs This Heavy-laden Breast!
B1 n – No.26 Tenor Solo With Chorus : I Would Beside My Lord Be Watching
C1 a – No.27 Recitative : And He Went Away
C1 b – No.28 Recitative : The Saviour, Low Before His Father Bending
C1 c – No.29 Bass Aria : Gladly Would I Take Upon Me
C1 d – No.30 Recitative : And He Came To His Disciples
C1 e – No.31 Chorale : O Father, Let Thy Will Be Done
C1 f – No.32 Recitative : And He Came Again And Found Them Sleeping
C1 g – N33 Soprano And Contralto Duet With Chorus : Behold, My Saviour Now Is Taken
C1 h – No.34 Recitative : And Behold, One Of The Others
C1 i – No.35 Chorus : O Man, Thy Grievous Sin Bemoan
– Part II
D1 a – No.36 Contralto Aria With Chorus : Ah! Now Is My Saviour Gone
D1 b – No.37 Recitative : And They That Had Laid Hold On Jesus
D1 c – No.38 Chorale : How Falsely Doth The World Accuse!
D1 d – No.39 Recitative : Yea, Though Many Lying Witnesses Came Forward
D1 e – No.40 Recitative : He Holds His Peace
D1 f – No.41 Tenor Aria: Endure, Endure
D1 g – No.42 Recitative With Chorus: And The High Priest Answered, And Said Unto Him
D1 h – No.43 Recitative With Chorus : And Then With One Accord Did They Spit In His Face
D1 i – No.44 Chorale: O Lord, Who Dares To Smite Thee
E1 a – No.45 Recitative With Chorus: Simon Peter Sat Outside In The Court
E1 b – No.46 Recitative : And Then Began He To Curse And To Swear
E1 c – No. 47 Contralto Aria : Have Mercy, Lord, On Me
E1 d – No. 48 Chorale : Lamb Of God, I Fall Before Thee
E1 e – No. 49 Recitative With Chorus: Now When The Morning Came
E1 f – No. 50 Recitative: And He Cast The Silver Pieces Down In The Temple
E1 g – No. 51 Bass Aria: Giv, O Give Me Back My Lord
E1 h – No. 52 Recitative: And They Took Counsel Together
E1 i – No. 53 Chorale: Commit Thy Way To Jesus
F1 a – No. 54 Recitative With Chorus: At That Feast Then
F1 b – No. 55 Chorale: O Wonderous Love, That Suffers Correction!
F1 c – No. 56 Recitative: The Governor Answered
F1 d – No. 57 Recitative: To All Men Jesus Good Hath Done
F1 e – No.58 Soprano Aria: For Love My Saviour Now Is Dying
F1 f – No.59 Recitative With Chorus: But They Cried Out The More
F1 g – No.60 Recitative: O Gracious God!
F1 h – No.61 Contralto Aria: If My Tears Be Unavailing
F1 i – No.62 Recitative With Chorus: And Then Did The Sodiers Of The Governor
F1 j – No.63 Chorale: O Sacred Head Surrounded
G1 a – No.64 Recitative: And After They Had Mocked At Him
G1 b – No.65 Recitative: In Truth, To Bear The Cross
G1 c – No.66 Bass Aria: Come, Healing Cross
G1 d – No.67 Recitative With Chorus: And When They Came Unto The Place
G1 e – No.68 Recitative: The Same Was Cast In His Teeth By The Robbers
G1 f – No.69 Recitative: Ah Golgotha! Unhappy Golgotha
G1 g – No.70 Contralto Aria With Chorus: Sww Ye! See The Saviour’s Outstretched Hands!
G1 h – No.71 Recitative With Chorus: Now From The Sixth Hour
G1 i – No.72 Chorale: Be Near Me, Lord, When Dying
H1 a – No.73 Recitative With Chorus: And Then, Behold, The Veil Of The Temple
H1 b – No.74 Recitative: At Evening, Hour Of Calm And Peace
H1 c – No.75 Bass Aria: Make Thee Clean, My Heart, From Sin
H1 d – No.76 Recitative With Chorus: And Joseph Took The Body
H1 e – No.77 Recitative With Chorus: And Now The Lord To Rest Is Laid
H1 f – No.78 Chorus: In Tears Of Grief


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