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Welcome to The Record Album, Brighton’s oldest record shop. Just 30 yards up from Brighton Station. We buy and sell vinyl records of all genres, from film soundtracks and theatrical scores to jazz and rock ‘n’ roll. Now open seven days a week.

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The original Van de Graaff generator was invented in 1929 and it still has its uses in physics today but the one we are interested in here at The Record Album was formed almost 40 years later. When Pete Hamill and Chris Judge Smith launched their band in Manchester in 1967, they added
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We buy and sell all types of records –
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The Record Album

Last year The Record Album celebrated 70 years of serving the record-buying public of Brighton and beyond. The shop, which opened in 1948, sells all kinds of music from pop to classical but it specialises in soundtracks, cinema and theatre. It was recently described in Garth Cartwright’s new chronicle of the UK record shop, Going For a Song, as “as Europe’s foremost soundtrack shop”.

Once curated by the legendary George Ginn, who has retired at 88, the shop has passed to new owners, Keith Blackmore and David Chappell, who are determined to keep up its traditions for lovingly cared for records of all varieties. And the shop is now open seven days a week.

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It's Oscars weekend, when the gongs are handed out for the best movies of the year and their soundtracks. Here's Pitchfork's top 50 soundtracks of all time to get you in the mood ... and yes you'll find several of these in our store https://t.co/GzV9WwZmAV #vinyl #soundtracks

Check out our superb Stanley Kubrick display this weekend - in soundtrack and spoken word form - Lolita, 2001: A Space Odyssey and A Clockwork Orange. Narrated by Vladimir Nabokov, Arthur C Clarke and Anthony Burgess respectively #stanleykubrick #soundtracks #vinylweekend