About Us

Europe’s foremost soundtrack shop

The Record Album

The Record Album, which opened in 1948, sells all kinds of music from pop to classical but specialises in soundtracks, cinema and theatre. Just 30 yards from Brighton Station, it was recently described in Garth Cartwright’s new chronicle of the UK record shop, Going For a Song, as “as Europe’s foremost soundtrack shop”.

The New Owners

Once curated by the legendary George Ginn, who has just retired at 88, The Record Album has passed to new owners, Keith Blackmore and David Chappell, who are determined to keep up its traditions for lovingly cared for records of all varieties. The shop is open five days a week and buys and sells records.

A record shop legend

Until his retirement in 2018, George Ginn was Brighton’s longest established record dealer with the little blue-fronted shop at 8, Terminus Road the third premises it has occupied. With an unrivalled knowledge of film soundtracks and original theatre cast recordings, George had observed the music industry’s peaks and troughs, trends and curios from the early 1960s and established The Record Album as one of Brighton much loved cultural landmarks. Sadly he passed away in 2023, aged 93.