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New delights await you!

And we’re back! Again! We decided to delay opening for an extra couple of days after the Covid restrictions were lifted in order to get the shop just right and we hope you will think the wait was worthwhile.  We were as disappointed as everyone else to be forced to close again just

A pleasing Beatles classic

Not long before the latest lockdown we acquired a copy of The Beatles’ first LP, Please Please Me. It is a second pressing and both the record and sleeve are in beautiful condition, something rarely seen in this classic release, now fast approaching it’s sixtieth birthday. We have put it in the shop

We are still buying records!

Having a lockdown clearout? The Record Album is buying vinyl. Contact us at or call 01273 323853 for details of our Covid-secure service.

The mighty Wurlitzers

A century ago, the theatre organ enjoyed its golden era and made one name above all – Wurlitzer – synonymous with the age of silent movies. The theatre organ was designed originally as an accompaniment to silent films. Those early productions had been accompanied by a full pit orchestra but the arrival of