A1a – Tom Escapes From Aunt Polly
A1b – The New Boy
A1c – Whitewash!
A1d – Becky Thatcher Is Admired
A1e – Huckleberry Finn
A1f – At School
A1g – Tom Meets Becky
B1a – An Engagement
B1b – Tom And Huck In The Graveyard
B1c – Muff Porter And Injun Joe
B1d – The Murder
B1e – A Solemn Oath
B1f – Pain-Killer!
B1g – Becky Rejects Tom
C1a – Tom, Huck And Joe Harper Run Away
C1b – Jackson’s Island
C1c – Supper And Homesickness
C1d – Exploring The Island
C1e – Have The Boys Drowned?
C1f – The Storm
C1g – A Resurrection
C1h – Tom And Amy Lawrence
C1i – A Blotted Spelling Book And A Torn Picture
D1a – Mr. Dobbins Discovers The Books
D1b – Muff Porter In Jail
D1c – The Trial
D1d – Injun Joe Escapes
D1e – Digging For Treasure
D1f – The Haunted House
D1g – Injun Joe Returns
E1a – The Temperance Tavern
E1b – Injun Joe’s ‘Number Two’
E1c – The Picnic
E1d – McDougal’s Cave
E1e – Huck Saves The Widow Douglas
E1f – Tom And Becky Are Lost
E1g – At Church
E1h – The Searchers
F1a – In The Cave
F1b – Injun Joe Returns
F1c – The Children Are Found
F1d – Tom And Huck Explore The Cave
F1e – The Treasure
F1f – A Party
F1g – Huck Is Introduced Into Society


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The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer




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