A1 – A Call From Long Island
A2 – Home From The Office
A3 – The Reading Of The Will
A4 – The Diamond
A5 – Quickies: The Astronaut / The School / The Confession
A6 – The Jury
A7 – The Presidents
A8 – The Cocktail Party
A9 – Final Discussion
A10 – More Quickies: Cry For Help / Panic / Two Husbands
A11 – The Convicts
B1 – The Housewarming
B2 – The Luncheon
B3 – Still More Quickies: The Storm / The Newspaper Reporter / The Home Remedy
B4 – Conversation In The Hotel Lobby
B5 – The Agony And The Ecstacy
B6 – My Son, The Captain
B7 – Secret Agent, James Bondstein
B8 – Enough Already With The Quickies: Dinner / The Elevator / Classified Ad, Israeli Style
B9 – Goldstein


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Present: You Don't Have To Be Jewish



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