– Imperial March (Sullivan)
– Utopia Limited, Act 1
– Introduction
A1 – In Lazy Languor
A2 – O Make Way For The Wise Men
A2.a – In Every Mental Lore
A3 – Let All Your Doubts Take Wing
A4 – Quaff The Nectar
A4.a – A King Of Autocratic Power We
A4.b – Although Of Native Maids The Cream
– Utopia Limited, Act 1 (Contd.)
B4.c – Bold-Faced Ranger
B5 – First You’re Born
B6 – Subjected To Your Heavenly Gaze
B7 – Oh, Maiden Rich
B8 – Ah! Gallant Soldier
B9 – It’s Understood, I Think
B10 – Oh, Admirable Art
B11 – (Finale) Although Your Royal Summons To Appear
B11.a – What These May Be
– Utopia Limited, Act I (Concl.)
C11.b – A Company Promoter This
C11.c – Some Seven Men From An Association
– Utopia Limited, Act II (Gilbert & Sullivan)
C12 – Oh, Zara! / A Tenor, All Singers Above
C13 – Words Of Love Too Loudly Spoken
C14 – Society Has Quite Forsaken
C15 – Entrance Of Court
C16 – Drawing-Room Music
– Utopia Limited, Act II (Concl.)
D17 – Eagle High On Cloudland Soaring
D18 – With Fury Deep We Burn
D19 – If You Think That When Banded
D20 – With Wily Brain
D21 – A Wonderful Joy Our Eyes To Bless
D22 – Then I May Sing And Play?
D23 – Oh, Would Some Demon Power / When But A Maid
D24 – Ah, Lady Sophy
D24.a – Oh, The Rapture Unrestrained
D24.b – Graceful Dance / Tarantella
D25 – Upon Our Sea-Girt Land
D26 – (Finale) There’s A Little Group Of Isles


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Utopia Limited Or The Flowers Of Progress


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