A1 – Won’t It Be A Pretty Wedding?
A2 – Pretty Lisa, Fair And Tasty
A3 – By The Mystic Regulation
A4 – Were I A King In Very Truth
A5 – How Would I Play This Part
A6 – My Goodness Me! What Shall I Do?
A7 – Ten Minutes Since I Met The Chap
A8 – About A Century Since
B1 – Strange The Views Some People Hold
B2 – Now Take A Card, And Gaily Sing
B3 – The Good Grand Duke
B4 – As O’er Our Penny Roll We Sing
B5 – When You Find You’re A Broken-Down Critter
B6 – Come Hither, All You People
C1 – Oh A Monarch Who Boasts Intellectual Graces
C2 – Oh, Listen To Me, Dear
C3 – The Die Is Cast
C4 – For This Will Be A Jolly Court
C5 – As Before You We Defile
C6 – Take Care Of Him-He’s Much Too Good To Live
C7 – Your Highness, There’s A Party At The Door
C8 – With Fury Indescribable I Burn
C9 – Now Away To The Wedding We Go
C10 – So Ends My Dream And Broken Ev’ry Promise Plighted
D1 – If The Light Of Love’s Lingering Ember
D2 – Come, Bumpers-Aye, Ever-So-Many
D4 – Why, Who Is This Approaching?
D5 – The Prince Of Monte Carlo
D6 – We’re Rigged Out In Magnificent Array
D7 – Take My Advice-When Deep In Debt
D8 – Hurrah! Now Away To The Wedding
D9 – Well, You’re A Pretty Kind Of Fellow
D10 – Happy Couples, Lightly Treading


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The Grand Duke


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