A1 – Overture
A2 – Peer’s March
A3 – Here’s A How D’Ye Do
A4 – Modern Major General
A5 – I Am A Pirate King
A6 – Willow Waley
A7 – John Wellington Wells
A8 – Policeman’s Lot
A9 – All Hail Great Judge
A10 – From Bias Free
A11 – Wandering Minstrel I.
A12 – A Most Intense Young Man
B1 – For I Am A Judge
B2 – Farewell The World
B3 – Moon And I
B4 – I Am The Monarch Of The Sea
B5 – The Flowers That Bloom In The Spring
B6 – When I Was A Lad
B7 – Captain Of The Pinafore
B8 – When The Pirate Bares His Steel
B9 – A Many Years Ago
B10 – Hail Hail
– Finales I To VI
B11a – Ultimate Secret Song (Nothing Venture)
B11b – My Love And I
B11c – Here’s A How D’Ye Do (Reprise)
B11d – Ultimate Secret Song (Nothing Venture) (Reprise)
B11e – Willow Waley (Reprise)
B11f – Ultimate Secret Song (Nothing Venture) (Reprise)

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Very Good Plus (VG+)


Dick Deadeye (Original Soundtrack)




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