– Side 1 – Act 1 (Part 1) including
A1 – Overture
A2 – Thro’ All The Employments Of Life
A3 – ‘Tis Woman That Seduces All Mankind
A4 – If Love The Virgin’s Heart Invade
A5 – A Maid Is Like The Golden Ore
A6 – Virgins Are Like The Fair Flower
A7 – Our Polly Is A Sad Slut (Duet)
A8 – Can Love Be Controlled By Advice?
A9 – O Polly, You Might Have Toyed And Kissed (Duet)
A10 – I Like A Ship In Storms, Was Tossed
– Side 2 – Band 1 – Act 1 (Conclusion) including
B1 – A Fox May Steal Your Hens, Sir
B2 – O Ponder Well
B3 – Pretty Polly, Say (Duet)
B4 – My Heart Was So Free
B5 – Were I Laid On Greenland’s Coast (Duet)
B6 – O What Pain It Is To Part (Duet)
– Band 2 – Act II (Part 1) Including
B7 – Fill Every Glass (Solo And Chorus)
B8 – Let Us Take The Road (Solo And Chorus)
B9 – If The Heart Of A Man
B10 – Youth’s The Season (Chorus And Dance)
B11 – Before The Barn-Door Crowing (Solo And Chorus)
B12 – At The Tree I Shall Suffer
– Side 3 – Act II (Conclusion) Including
C1 – Man May Escape From Rope And Gun
C2 – How Cruel Are The Traitors
C3 – Thus Gamesters United In Friendship Are Found (Duet)
C4 – When You Censure The Age (Duet)
C5 – How Happy Could I Be With Either
C6 – I’m Bubbled, I’m Bubbled (Duet)
C7 – Cease Your Funning
C8 – Melodrama
– Side 4 – Act III Including
D1 – The Modes Of The Court So Common Are Grown (Soli And Chorus)
D2 – In The Day Of My Youth (Trio)
D3 – Entrance Of Lucy
D4 – I’m Like A Skiff On The Ocean Tost
D5 – Come Sweet Lass
D6 – Hither, Dear Husband (Duet)
D7 – Which Way Shall I Turn Me?
D8 – The Charge Is Prepared
D9 – Macheath’s Soliloquy
D10 – Would I Might Be Hang’d (Trio)
D11 – Thus I Stand Lke The Turk (Solo And Chorus)


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The Beggar's Opera


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