A1a – Overture
A1b – Girls, Girls, Girls!
A1c – Pensive Window In Garden
A2 – Villa
A3a – Tonight Will Teach Me Forget
A3b – Melody Of Laughter
A4a – Maxim’s
A4b – Melody Of Laughter
A4c – Maxim’s (Reprise)
A4d – Intro
A4e – The Girls At Maxim’s
A5 – Girls, Girls, Girls! (Reprise)
A6 – The Merry Widow Waltz
A7 – Maxim’s (Reprise)
A8 – Embassy Ball – Intro – If Windows Are Rich
A9 – Russian Dance
A10a – The Merry Widow Waltz
A10b – Melody Of Laughter (Reprise)
A11 – Melody Of Laughter (Reprise)
A12 – The Merry Widow Waltz – Finale
B1 – Opening Music
B2 – The Night Was Made For Love
B3 – The Breeze Kissed Her Hair
B4 – The Night Was Made For Love (Reprise)
B5a – Concertina Melody
B5b – She Didn’t Say Yes
B6a – Don’t Ask Me Not To Sing
B6b – The Night Was Made For Love
B7 – I Watch The Love Parade
B8 – A New Love Is Old
B9 – A New Love Is Old (Reprise)
B10 – Ha! Cha! Cha!
B11 – Try To Forget
B12a – Overture To “Cat And The Fiddle”
B12b – This Is The Day That The Masses
B12c – A New Love Is Old (Reprise)
B13a – I Bring You A Song In The Springtime
B13b – Waltz, A Recurring Theme In The Stage Play
B13c – Try To Forget (Reprise)
B13d – Try To Forget (Reprise)
B13e – Musical Bridge With Dialogue
B13f – I Watched The Love Parade (Reprise)
B13g – “Poor Pierrot”
B13h – One Moment Alone
B13i – Finale


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The Merry Widow / The Cat And The Fiddle


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