A1 – My Uncle Lidenbrock
A2 – The Strange Parchment
A3 – My Uncle Is Baffled
A4 – I Find The Key
A5 – Hunger Defeats Me
A6 – I Argue In Vain
A7 – Getting Ready
A8 – We Reach Iceland
A9 – Our Guide Hans
A10 – Approach To Sneffels; A Final Arguement
A11 – We Reach The Summit
B1 – Inside The Crater
B2 – Our Real Journey Begins
B3 – Ten Thousand Feet Below
B4 – Sea Level
B5 – Upwards Again
B6 – The New Columbus
B7 – I Collapse
B8 – We Find Water
B9 – Under The Sea
B10 – Alone; Lost And Panic Stricken
C1 – I Hear Voices
C2 – Saved
C3 – The Underground Sea
C4 – The Raft
C5 – We Set Sail
C6 – A Battle Of Monsters
C7 – The Storm
D1 – An Unpleasant Shock
D2 – A Human Skull
D3 – Man Alive
D4 – We Meet An Obstacle
D5 – Down The Tunnel
D6 – Going Up
D7 – Shot Out Of A Volcano
D8 – Back To The Surface
D9 – Home Again

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Journey To The Centre Of The Earth




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