A1 – The Sky Fell Down
A2 – Too Romantic
A3 – Shake Down The Stars
A4 – Moments In The Moonlight
A5 – I’ll Be Seeing You
A6 – Say It
A7 – Polka Dots And Moonbeams
B1 – The Fable Of The Rose
B2 – This Is The Beginning Of The End
B3 – Hear My Song Violetta
B4 – Fools Rush In
B5 – Devil May Care
B6 – April Played The Fiddle
B7 – I Haven’t Time To Be A Millionaire
C1 – Imagination
C2 – Yours Is My Heart Alone
C3 – You’re Lonely And I’m Lonely
C4 – East Of The Sun
C5 – Head On My Pillow
C6 – It’s A Lovely Day Tomorrow
C7 – I’ll Never Smile Again
D1 – All This And Heaven Too
D2 – Where Do You Keep Your Heart?
D3 – Whispering
D4 – Trade Winds
D5 – The One I Love
D6 – The Call Of The Canyon
D7 – Love Lies
E1 – I Could Make You Care
E2 – The World Is In My Arms
E3 – Our Love Affair
E4 – Looking For Yesterday
E5 – Tell Me At Midnight
E6 – We Three
E7 – When You Awake
F1 – Anything
F2 – Shadows On The Sand
F3 – You’re Breaking My Heart All Over Again
F4 – I’d Know You Anywhere
F5 – Do You Know Why?
F6 – Not So Long Ago
F7 – Stardust
G1 – Oh, Look At Me Now
G2 – You Might Have Belonged To Another
G3 – You Lucky People You
G4 – It’s Always You
G5 – I Tried
G6 – Dolores
G7 – Without A Song
H1 – Do I Worry?
H2 – Everything Happens To Me
H3 – Let’s Get Away From It All
H4 – I’ll Never Let A Day Pass By
H5 – Love Me As I Am
H6 – This Love Of Mine
I1 – I Guess I’ll Have To Dream The Rest
I2 – You And I
I3 – Neiani
I4 – Free For All
I5 – Blue Skies
I6 – Two In Love
I7 – Pale Moon
J1 – I Think Of You
J2 – How Do You Do Without Me?
J3 – A Sinner Kissed An Angel
J4 – Violets For Your Furs
J5 – The Sunshine Of Your Smile
J6 – How About You
J7 – Snooty Little Cutie
K1 – Poor You
K2 – I’ll Take Tallulah
K3 – The Last Call For Love
K4 – Somewhere A Voice Is Calling
K5 – Just As Though You Were Here
K6 – Street Of Dreams
K7 – Take Me
L1 – Be Careful, It’s My Heart
L2 – In The Blue Of Evening
L3 – Dig Down Deep
L4 – There Are Such Things
L5 – Daybreak
L6 – It Started All Over Again
L7 – Light A Candle In The Chapel

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The Dorsey/Sinatra Sessions 1940-1942



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