A1 – Overture
A2 – Row, Row, Tow
A3 – Your King And Country Want You
A4 – Belgium Put The Kibosh On The Kaiser
A5 – Are We Downhearted
A6 – Hold Your Hand Out Naughty Boy
A7 – I’ll Make A Man Of You
A8 – Pack Up Your Troubles
A9 – Hitchy Koo
A10 – Heilige Nacht
A11 – Christmas Day In The Cookhouse
A12 – Good Byee
B1 – Oh It’s A Lovely War
B2 – Gassed Last Night
B3 – There’s A Long Long Trail
B4 – Hush Here Comes A Whizzbang
B5 – They Were Only Playing Leapfrog
B6 – I Wore A Tunic
B7 – Joe Soap’s Army
B8 – When This Lousy War Is Over
B9 – Wash Me In The Water
B10 – I Want To Go Home
B11 – The Bells Of Hell
B12 – Keep The Home Fires Burning
B13 – La Chanson De Craonne
B14 – I Don’t Want To Be A Soldier
B15 – They Didn’t Believe Me


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Oh, What A Lovely War



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