– Root Hog Or Die Volume 1: I’m A Rambler, I’m a Gambler
A1 – I’m A Rambler, I’m A Gambler
A2 – I Could Hear My Name A Ringin’
A3 – One, Two, Three
A4 – Carnival Comes And Goes
A5 – Le Jour De L’An (New Year’s Day)
A6 – Hambone
A7 – Dinah
A8 – Steal Away / Didn’t Hear Nobody Pray
B1 – Alabama Bound
B2 – Sally Ann Johnson
B3 – Go Down Old Hannah
B4 – New Prospect
B5 – Finnish Waltz
B6 – Faro
B7 – Banshi Instrumental
B8 – High Society
– Root Hog Or Die Volume 2: Sing Anything
C1 – Sing Anything
C2 – Como Las Propias Rosas
C3 – Amen, Amen, Amen
C4 – Madame Young / Mon Chère Bébé Créole
C5 – Her Mantle So Green
C6 – Meet Me On The Road
C7 – Nnuena (Christmas Novena)
C8 – Cindy
C9 – Pu’in Bracken (Pulling Bracken)
D1 – Cherry Ball Blues
D2 – Downhearted Blues
D3 – Baile De Ibio (Warrior Dance)
D4 – Big Kilmarnock Bonnet
D5 – Chèz-O, Prete M Yon Chèz-O (Chair, Oh! Let Me Have A Chair)
D6 – Train On The Island
D7 – Arkansas Traveler
D8 – Cornbread Rough, Biscuit Tough
– Root Hog Or Die Volume 3: Sailing In The Boat When The Tide Runs Strong
E1 – Down In Arkansas
E2 – Jolly Tinker / The Pretty Girls Of Mayo
E3 – You Got To Reap What You Sow / A Little Talk With Jesus Makes It Right
E4 – Since You Have Disdained Me I’ll Cross The Deep Blue Sea
E5 – Bonsoir Moreau
E6 – In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town
E7 – Tramps And Hawkers
E8 – Remember Jesus Died When He Was Young
E9 – Ninna Nanna
F1 – Read ‘Em John
F2 – Strigaturi
F3 – Flirtation Dance
F4 – Zoological Gardens
F5 – Indian Red
F6 – Lenga Serpentina (Serpent Tongue)
F7 – Laura Lee
F8 – Sailing In The Boat When The Tide Run Strong
F9 – When I Reach That Other Shore
F10 – Lord Have Mercy
– Root Hog Or Die Volume 4: This Old World Is In A Tangle
G1 – When I Can Read My Titles Clear
G2 – Going To Fishing
G3 – Cruising Round Yarmouth
G4 – Rambleaway
G5 – Fare You Well My Little Annie Darling
G6 – Join This Food Campaign
G7 – My Gal’s A Corker
G8 – Jerusalem Cuckoo
H1 – Memories Of The 1940 National Folk Festival / Fisher’s Hornpipe
H2 – Calypso Invasion
H3 – Mo Nighean Donn Á Còrnaig
H4 – This Old World’s In A Tangle
H5 – Tammuriata (Drum Rhythms)
H6 – Wi’ My Rovin’ Eye
H7 – Diamond Joe
H8 – So Soon I’ll Be At Home
– Root Hog Or Die Volume 5: The Day Is Past And Gone
I1 – Cold Mountains
I2 – Masters Of War
I3 – Reuben Train
I4 – MacPherson’s Rant
I5 – Hundredth Man Blues
I6 – I Wonder Where My Mother Has Gone
I7 – Coco Rico De La Habana (Good Coconuts From Havana)
J1 – Roll Roll Roll And Go
J2 – The Day Is Past And Gone
J3 – Cosher Bailey Had An Engine
J4 – Stop All The Buses
J5 – Ya Malikna (Oh, Our King)
J6 – Yo Sí La Quería
J7 – Di Yo Pa Hele Pou Nou
J8 – I’ll Be Waiting There
– Root Hog Or Die Volume 6: Free A Little Bird
K1 – Early In The Morning
K2 – Prayer / Doption
K3 – Nottamun Town
K4 – Fandango De Comares
K5 – Two Step De Eunice
K6 – Blues #2
K7 – High Force Agricultural Show
K8 – Al-Hamdulillah (Thanks Be To God)
L1 – Little And Low
L2 – Mèt Kafou Men Djab-la (Master Of The Crossroads, Here Is The Devil)
L3 – Keen For A Dead Child
L4 – Jesus Gonna Make Up My Dying Bed
L5 – Grace’s Favorite
L6 – Free A Little Bird
L7 – Mormond Braes
L8 – I’m Tired
L9 – Duérmete, Niño Angelito (Sleep, Angel Baby)
L10 – I Bid You Goodnight

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