A1 – Zach´s Fanfare
A2 – K-Jee
A3 – I Love Music
A4 – The Love I Lost
A5 – The Soul City Walk
A6 – I´ll Always Love My Mama
A7 – Sexy
A8 – Backstabbers
B1 – Let´s Groove
B2 – Livin´ For The Weekend
B3 – T.S.O.P.
B4 – Love Train
B5 – When Will I See You Again
B6 – If You Don´t Know Me By Now
B7 – Me & Mrs. Jones
B8 – Wake Up Everybody
B9 – Year Of Decision
C1 – Darlin´ Darlin´ Baby (Sweet, Tender, Love)
C2 – Satisfaction Guaranteed
C3 – You´ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine
C4 – Don´t Leave Me This Way
C5 – Show You The Way To Go
C6 – Dirty Ol´ Man
C7 – Bad Luck
C8 – Jam Jam Jam (All Night Long)
C9 – Philly Jump
D1 – Do It Any Way You Wanna
D2 – If You Wanna Go Back
D3 – July, July, July, July
D4 – Now That We Found Love
D5 – (Win, Place Or Show) She´s A Winner
D6 – Only The Strong Survive
D7 – See You When I Get There
D8 – Used Ta Be My Girl
D9 – I Don´t Love You Anymore
D10 – You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else
E1 – Let `Em In
E2 – The Whole Town´s Laughing At Me
E3 – Brandy
E4 – Let´s Make A Baby
E5 – What´s The Matter With The World
E6 – Take Good Care Of Yourself
E7 – Where Are All My Friends
E8 – Stop And Think
E9 – M.F.S.B.
E10 – I Could Dance All Night
F1 – For The Love Of Money
F2 – Ferry Avenue
F3 – Just Got To Be More Careful
F4 – Never Let You Get Away From Me
F5 – Malorie
F6 – I´m So Much In Love With You
F7 – Love Is The Message
F8 – It Ain´t Reggae (But It´s Funky)
F9 – Keep Smilin´
G1 – Holdin´ On
G2 – I Believe In Love
G3 – Come On And Dance, Dance, Dance
G4 – Stop And Think It Over
G5 – Free Love
G6 – Don´t Let Love Get You Down
G7 – Touch My Life
G8 – Turn Off The Lights
H1 – One Man´s Junk
H2 – This Feeling´s Killing Me
H3 – Picture Us
H4 – Never Repay Your Love
H5 – Real Hard Day
H6 – Are You Lonely Tonight
H7 – (I´m Just Thinking About) Cooling Out
H8 – I Can´t Stop Turning You On
H9 – Ain´t Got Time Fa Nothing
I1 – Ooh Child
I2 – Disco Lights
I3 – Take Me In Your Arms Tonight
I4 – What´s Your Name
I5 – You Made Me Love You
I6 – Tight Money
I7 – The Spirit´s In It
J1 – Let Me Rock You
J2 – Nights Over Egypt
J3 – Strategy
J4 – When Am I Gotta Find True Love
J5 – Come Go With Me
J6 – The Sweetest Pain
J7 – You´re Leaving
K1 – My Love Don´t Come Easy
K2 – Summer Fling
K3 – Sooner Or Later
K4 – Love, Need And Want You
K5 – Heaven Only Knows
K6 – Tell Me Why
K7 – Lady Love
K8 – I Wanna Be Your Woman
L1 – Close The Door
L2 – Don´t Let It Go To Your Head
L3 – We Should Be Lovers
L4 – Used Ta Be My Girl
L5 – Lover´s Holiday
L6 – Feel The Fire
L7 – If Only You Knew
M1 – Love T.K.O.
M2 – Love Don´t Love Nobody
M3 – I Can´t Live Without Your Love
M4 – Ain´t No Stoppin´ Us Now
M5 – Bring The Family Back
M6 – Was That All It Was
N1 – Only You
N2 – Life On Mars
N3 – Let´s Clean Up The Ghetto
N4 – Strut Your Funky Stuff
N5 – Mysteries Of The World
O1 – My Favourite Person
O2 – Dance Turned Into Romance
O3 – I´m In Love Again
O4 – I Can´t Stand The Pain
O5 – At Peace With Woman
O6 – Is It Still Good For Ya
O7 – I Love You Anyway
P1 – I Just Want To Satisfy You
P2 – Let Me Be Good To You
P3 – When I Find You Love
P4 – Manhattan Skyline
P5 – Soncere (The Infinite Hour Glass)
P6 – I Ain´t Jivin´, I´m Jammin´
Q1 – Reality
Q2 – First Light Of The Morning
Q3 – Lover Man (Oh Where Can You Be?)
Q4 – Cheaper To Keep Her
Q5 – Theme From The Planets
Q6 – Put Our Heads Together
Q7 – You Can´t Have My Love
R1 – You Lift Me Up
R2 – Stylin
R3 – Ah Ah Ah Ah
R4 – Keep It Comin´
R5 – Love You Direct
R6 – She Knew About Me
R7 – Extraordinary Girl
R8 – Do You Get Enough Love

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