A1 – Overture – Brother Theme
A2a – Overture – Working In The Name Of King
A2b – Overture – Nature’s Child
A3 – (Opening) Garbage Including I’ve Been Up To The Mountain Top
A4 – Martin, Martin
A5 – Flashbacks Nigger Woman
A6 – Precious Memories
A7 – The Time Is Now
A8 – Wash Your Sins Away
A9 – Medley: Pulling Together / We Don’t Stand A Chance
B1 – Medley Cont.: Are You Ready
B2 – Brother Theme
B3 – You’re My Love
B4 – Freedom, Liberation
B5 – Jesus Christ
B6 – Medley: We’ll Stand By You / I Am Worried
B7 – Bigot Entrance
B8 – Lie, Lie, Lie
B9a – Pick Up Your Weapon
B9b – Brother Theme
C1 – Court Room
C2 – I Can Feel Him
C3a – Medley: Klansmen
C3b – Sensitive Situation
C3c – We Will Move
C4 – Prison Song
C5 – Higher
C6 – Hallelujah Day
C7 – I Hate Colored People
D1 – I Have A Dream
D2 – Children Of Love
D3 – Brother
D4 – Burn
D5 – When Will It End
D6 – Listen To Me Jesus
D7a – Selma (March): Part I
D7b – Selma (March): Part II
D7c – Selma (March): Part III


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The "Selma" Album




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