A1 – Introduction & Don’t Call Me Sir!
A2 – Fortune, Thou Art A Bitch!
A3 – I’m In Love With My Husband
A4 – Hurry Surgeon!
A5 – Conscience, Thoa Art A Bore!
A6 – Let’s Fall Together
A7 – Nurse, Nurse, Nurse!
A8 – Say The Word
A9 – Fire A Salute
B1 – Put Him In The Dog House
B2 – Hoyden Hath Charms
B3 – Berinthia’s Recit
B4 – Wait A Little Longer, Lover
B5 – Why Do I Feel What I Feel?
B6 – Stand Back Old Sodom!
B7 – O Take This Ancient Mansion
B8 – Finale
B9 – Epilogue

Rare and unusual James Bernard score


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Virtue In Danger



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