New delights await you!

And we’re back! Again!

We decided to delay opening for an extra couple of days after the Covid restrictions were lifted in order to get the shop just right and we hope you will think the wait was worthwhile. 

We were as disappointed as everyone else to be forced to close again just before Christmas but we have tried to use the time to improve The Record Album experience for all our customers. We don’t expect everyone to notice the new bins, shelves or even our shiny, locally designed, new sign but we certainly hope you will notice our amazing new stock.

Every section, film soundtracks, rock and pop, trad jazz, blues and modern jazz has been thoroughly refreshed. We travelled (virtually) far and wide to find lovely pressings of some of the great records in every genre, including some of the very rarest, in the rarest of condition. A few (but only a few) of our finds are pictured here.

But we are not just offering collectors’ items. We have also found a wonderful range of classics in every genre, many of which are ridiculously inexpensive (in our view).  

We have also revamped our singles section, with a special emphasis on punk and the classics – The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Kinks, David Bowie, Kate Bush … the list, like the road, goes on forever. A few of these are pictured here too.

We continue to buy records too so if you have a collection to sell or are planning a clearout please get in touch either via email to or by telephone 01273 323853.

We’re open from 10am until 6pm every Wednesday to Saturday from April 14 until further notice – we look forward to seeing all our regulars and to welcoming new customers. Hurry back!

Ben, David and Keith.